Sporting News for iPad


  • Visual Design
  • Omnigon Communications

Designed for iOS 7

Utilizing iOS 7’s flat design UI and styling elements such as lists, I designed a visual aesthetic that conformed with the platforms style while preserving usability. Main points of interaction were highlighted with Sporting New’s brand red, such as drop down menus and links. While the UI elements themselves are flat, the interface still expresses depth by utilizing overlays, slide out menus, and box shadows when content warrants attention atop an otherwise busy interface.

Readability for mini

One of the more subtle challenges for designing iPad applications is balancing the readability needs of the iPad Mini while preventing elements from becoming over sized on the main line iPad. To resolve this, mock ups were rendered in real time on an iPad Mini and iPad in order to insure that button sizes were large enough to have comfortable padding and thus low hit inaccuracy on the iPad Mini, while not being outsized on the main line iPad. Similar studies were conducted on elements such as type size, share buttons, and list elements.