Pegasus Kiosk


  • UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Creative Circle

Designed for passive usage with flexibility in mind

The twitter feed component was designed responsively so that it would work on most most conceivable monitor dimensions, and its’ background video was built so that it would always fill the entirety of the viewport. Because the display allocated for the kiosk was not touch enabled, viewers wouldn’t be able to control the display of information themselves, meaning that an alternative would be needed. Instead, the kiosk automatically scrolls through tweet in a loop, with a resting period of 16 seconds between each scroll to ensure that the reader would have enough time to glance through all of the visible tweets.

Twitter Streaming API & Web Sockets

This project’s back end was built on Python and Tornado, an open source framework and server, largely due to Tornado’s integrated web sockets support. With Twitter’s depreciation of the 1.0 API and the rate limiters Twitter had placed on developers, this application needed to take advantage of the oAuth enabled 1.1 api and Twitter’s streaming API. A bot was created on Twitter to follow all of the companies which Pegasus had invested in, allowing our server side script to use the Twitter API to pull in the last 120 tweets and store them, and use the streaming API to monitor for new incoming tweets on our bot’s homefeed.

WebSockets enabled our client devices to connect and maintain a real-time connection with the host server, allowing tweets to be pushed to client kiosks in real time. This allowed kiosk devices to maintain an up to date list of up to 200 tweets.